Monday, December 15, 2008

Colour Me Dragg - Sunday, December 14th, 2008

Colour Me Dragg entertained a massive crowd at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre on Sunday, December 14th. With thirteen exciting acts, Dainty Box MC-ing, and DJ Quinces at the decks, the third ever Milo de Milo and Sammy Tomato co-produced-CMD delivered a breathtaking show to an appreciative (and loud) audience!

The lineup was as follows:
-Big T & Maximum Delite (Black & Sexxy)
-Casey McLovin
-Cherry Blossom
-Izzy and Trickee
-Kamila Manila
-Mademoiselle Creme Brulee
-Milo de Milo
-Sammy Tomato
-Sheesha & her Hookahs (Sheesha, Prince Deep, Raja Jalebi & Sammy Samosa)
-Swan King

All Proceeds from CMD went directly to Asian Arts Freedom School, an art-based radical Asian history and activism program for Asian/Pacific Islander youth in the Greater Toronto Area. Asian = South Asian, West Asian (a.k.a. Arab or Middle-Eastern), Southeast Asian, East Asian, and Central Asian. We cover various artforms including writing, spoken word, music, visual arts, film, breakdancing, theatre and modern dance.

CMD managed to sell a whopping 110 pre-tickets with Milo personally meeting up with those interested in purchasing them at street corners, and also with the help of Toronto Women's Bookstore. Even more people showed up at the door, making for a packed night in the Buddies theatre.

Milo and Sammy have plans for another CMD in 2009, and hope to match the success of the December '08 show!

Photos by Laurence Alex (click on images to enlarge)

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